Greetings everyone. Thank-you for visiting our business site. We actually have taken an unofficial break from our business ventures but still maintain the site for reference or future use.

We still have created a number of websites recently - it is more of a hobby than anything although the sites are top quality sites including custom graphics, custom photography, latest web technologies and much more...

Please check out the sites: Web Design PORTFOLIO

Latest Project

So what are we doing with our time? Barbara is very busy with her crafting/card making activities and you can visit her blog site at:


Myself, I have decided to try my hand at becoming a music producer. As I tell people, I will either become very poor or very rich - mostly like the first option. I am presently working with a talented young lady to produced her first album which should be available later in 2013. As well, we will be doing a full media spread. I am very excited about this project and I believe that you will be too when you begin to hear some of the music that will be made.

Please check back again later this spring for more details!

Site Highlights

We do have available, our older photography slideshow which many wonderful local shots - I hope that you enjoy it:

Finally! I have had a chance to somewhat organize some of our photos that both Barbara and I have taken. We hope you enjoy our SlideShowPro driven slideshow. Click HERE to view.



Check out some of the following links - the first one is my guitar repair person! He does awesome work!

1. Black's Guitars

2. Osoyoos Christian Centre

3. YouLearn.ca

Some thoughts...

For my fellow musicians, I am using Cubase, Reason as my main DAW's along with Native-Instruments (including Maschine). I love my Strat and enjoy rocking it out with Guitar Rig. As well, I am really heavy into learning the Jazz-Blues style - love those rich harmonic and dissonant chords...

if you would like to talk music, give me a shout!

The following crude musical clips were created about 5 years ago using Reason and Guitar Traks Pro - all original music. I have not used any loops - all music has been recorded live on a keyboard and/or using microphones with no editing. The Orchestral clip was created one night at a campsite in Oregon...it is unedited. You are free to use the clips for non-commercial use (download button). Enjoy!


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